What To Expect

We know that your first visit to a church can feel weighty.  We want you to feel welcome and to know what to expect when you walk through our doors.  Here’s a cheat sheet to help you feel more comfortable on your first Sunday with us.

  • Feel free to park on Main Street or in our parking lot off of Center Street and come in through the rear entrance.
  • Whether you enter through the main or rear entrances, look for the blue banners directing you to the nursery, classrooms, restrooms, fellowship hall, foyer, or auditorium.
  • In the foyer, just inside the main entrance, there will be someone to welcome you as well as several tables. Here you will find information on various ministries available through FBC and a bulletin with information for today’s service and upcoming events.
  • Towards the back of the building are our classrooms and nursery. Children ages birth through 12th grade have Sunday and Wednesday classes just for them in this area.
  • Straight ahead from the main doors is our auditorium.  This is where all of our Sunday School classes begin before we break out into separate classes, our adult Sunday school class meets here too, as well as where we hold worship services.
  • Our worship includes a combination of traditional hymns with some more modern worship songs.  We call this a blended style of worship.  Pastor Steve generally preaches out of the New King James version of the Bible and regularly references the KJV, ESV, CSB, and NIV, as well as the original languages.
  • The first Sunday of the month we remember and proclaim Christ’s sacrifice through the observance of the Lord’s Supper, Communion.  We practice close communion, meaning that any believer of like faith and practice may join us in this ordinance.
  • Children ages 3 through 3rd grade are excused after the song service to Children’s Church.  This special time of teaching and worship just for kids is not mandatory.  Your kids are welcome to stay with you through the worship service if you prefer.
  • What to wear?  A suit?  A dress?  Jeans?  Sweatpants?  The answer to these questions is yes!  We are much more concerned about you feeling welcomed in our building than what you wear in our building.  On average Sunday morning, you will find some folks in suits and dresses, some in jeans and sweaters, some in t-shirts and shorts.  Wear whatever makes you feel comfortable.  We are just happy you are here!
  • Most Sundays there are about 60 people in our church building.  We hope that you find the people of our church warm, generous, and passionate about God and His Word.  If you have any questions while you are here, just ask anyone.  If that person can’t answer your question, they will get someone who can.